Company Portrait

The Quantum Group was founded in 1985 to engineer and supply unique yarns and high performance woven and knitted fabrics.  At Quantum, we do what other textile companies cannot do or will not pursue. We have NO limitations and we welcome any challenge. Whatever the application, we have the capability to produce woven and knitted fabrics in addition to producing monofilament and multifilament yarns.

We produce fabrics with unique performance characteristics for a wide range of uses, including Pellicle ® fabric for the Herman Miller Aeron chair, nearly transparent window screens, tire cord for truck tires and the roof fabric at the Wimbledon Tennis Center. We manufacture 100% of our products in the USA and we are a world-class international supplier of engineered yarns and fabrics.

Please contact us at: 1 (336) 605-9002 or email us at:, to learn how we can help you with your yarn and fabric needs.