Sister Companies

We work closely with our sister companies that assist in our mission of being a world class supplier of innovative yarn and fabrics. Our sister companies complement and enhance Quantum`s product offerings. Unique applications include shuttle weaving, masterbatch compounding, knitting and turf grass yarn extrusion.


Protextiles specializes in tubular weaving on Draper and C&K looms. Protextiles weaves cotton, polyester, nylon and fiberglass for the belting industry. Sizes range from a few inches to several feet in width. In addition to this, they also have warping and twisting capability. Warping consist of sectional warping machines capable of running warps with many different end counts up to 120 inches in width. Twisting consist of many different deniers of yarn ranging from ~350-2000 denier.


FibeX is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly Synthetic Turf Thatch yarns. FibeX extrudes various yarn constructions from single color to two-color with a yarn bulk range from ~10% up to high bulk ~35%. Yarn deniers range from ~400 denier per filament up to ~1,000 denier per filament. FibeX, has the unique capability to process PP, PA 6, PE, PET and other demanding resins. A variety of additives can be added into our yarns such as: UV Stabilizer, Matting –Agent, Static reducer, FR properties and many more. The yarn cross sections range from Round, Oval, S-Shape and C-Shape to provide a unique characteristics.

Triad Polymers

Triad Polymers –Triad Polymers has been serving the needs of our customers by providing compounded masterbatches for a wide variety of applications across the plastics industry. The Triad Polymers manufacturing facility features state of the art equipment for mixing, extrusion, pellet classification, blending, analysis and quality control. 


Knitmasters –  manufactures highly technical 2-D and 3-D knitted functional fabrics with a fashionable flair. Their computerized process allows them to engineer knitted fabric to specific shapes to meet most needs. Design expertise and state-of-the art equipment provide the flexibility to transform most ideas into reality. Knitmasters prides itself on innovation, product quality and customer service.