Innovation is part of our DNA and is instilled in our culture. We invest significant resources to engineer our yarns and fabrics to meet our customer specifications. None of our competitors can match our extrusion capabilities, including our ability to produce a wide variety of engineered performance characteristics, patterns and textures. Our equipment and processes allow us to extrude even the smallest quantities of yarns for very specific customer needs.   

We add performance to our yarns by engineering in custom characteristics that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our technical staff is able to customize our equipment to make sure we achieve optimal performance from each piece of machinery. Our in-house electricians make custom electrical panels and other improvements to help optimize our equipment`s performance.

Our Jacquard looms offer unlimited design capabilities with unique performance characteristics.

A FLNG facility allows gas to be pumped from a field located offshore to a floating vessel where the gas is liquefied and stored; as opposed to a process that involves piping the gas to a land-based LNG plant. Prelude is lined with a unique and innovative blast curtain made in part of Quantum-produced, highly engineered auxetic yarns. The curtain provides outstanding blast protection due the auxetic combination of high strength and energy absorbent components.