Our Vision and Values


We believe in challenging our workforce to think out of the box, to help drive process and product improvements.

Made in America

We believe in manufacturing our products in the United States, where we can control quality, work side by side with teammates we know and trust and with suppliers who share our beliefs and values.


Safety is job one at Quantum. Maintaining a safe working environment for all of our teammates is a priority at Quantum.   We are constantly reviewing our work practices and operations to insure the health and safety of our team.


We seek diversity in our workforce, the services we provide, and the markets we serve. The technical challenges we solve require creativity, new perspectives and open minds. The dynamic growth of The Quantum Group has been due to our dedicated employees.

Sustainability and Social responsibility:

Every year we get better at recycling and reducing waste in our facilities.  Our goal is to achieve a 5% annual waste reduction.

The Quantum Group will strive to be good environmental stewards in our manufacturing facilities and we are committed to a “Green” policy.  We will achieve our goals by:

  • Using technical controls to minimize manufacturing waste and proper disposal techniques for production materials.
  • Complying with all environmental regulations and guidelines.
  • Consistently improving our Environmental Management System by constantly reviewing and updating our waste reduction targets.

We work with our local community to promote environmental excellence and we encourage our team to help Quantum keep our operations clean, promote recycling and conserve our natural resources.